Fireman's / EMT blank! Made For Bolt Action, Mag or Sierra/Gatsby. Embossed Aluminum and Plate Cap

$20.95 USD
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This is a great looking blank for Fireman / EMT and all Emergency EMT's everywhere! It is not Firehouse specific so it can be gifted to any Fireman in any city or local. The colors are brilliant and would truly make a "show off" pen for that special friend in your life!

Cast in premium grade Alumilite with the shield applied to an aluminum embossed background with boiler plate style caps.

Choose from two sizes:
Sierra/Gatsby, Bolt Action

All pen blanks and pens are made to order. One to two weeks is the standard lead time, but we always strive to ship asap!

***The pictures are for illustration purposes only. The actual blank will come to you as a “Tube-In” pen blank that will need to be properly squared up before turning***

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  • Bolt Action
    21 available 84%
  • Sierra
    23 available 92%