Gadsden Flag Pen blank! Choose between standard Bolt Action or Sierra Style pen

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Designed to fit the standard PSI Bolt Action, Sierra Style" pen kits, our tube-in Patriotic pen blanks are perfect for every patriot.

Gadsden Flag Pen Blank:

The Gadsden Flag pen blank is sure to be a hit with patriots and liberty lovers everywhere. Designed by General C. Gadsden, the Gadsden flag was used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag.
Cast in water-clear resin
Colorfast ink prevents fading
Perfect for use with gun metal or chrome plated pens
Fits standard PSI Bolt Action or any number of "Sierra Style" pen kits.

The design is hand-wrapped around brass tube(s), then high pressure cast in Alumilite Clear Resin. Easy to turn with negative rake carbide cutters and polishes to a glass like gloss.

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  • Bolt Action
    24 available 96%
  • Sierra/Gatsby
    25 available 100%