Limited Edition 'Mariana Trench' custom bespoke pen blanks. Blue, grey & color-shift pigments!

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Limited Edition 'Mariana Trench'. Truly one of a kind custom bespoke pen blanks. High pressure cast and cured with Alumilite Resin® and unique blends of high quality blue to blue-grey and blue to blue-green color-shift pigments. Made in small batches. These are exclusive, top of the line blanks we offer to custom fountain pen makers or any other maker looking for completely new material to work with. Available only for a short time.

**Limited Edition 'Mariana Trench' **

8" to 8 1/2" X 3/4" (Approximately)

Please take note that every blank will vary, one to another. No two will ever be alike. The pictures only represent the pattern and material and will not be the exact blank you receive.

*Price is per rod,

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