Pinecone Pen Blanks!

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These Pinecone Pen Blanks by Hobble Creek Craftsman are stunning to say the least. Made of Engelmann Spruce pinecones cast in premium multi-color Alumilite Resin, these pen blanks feature random patterns that resemble aerial fire works and fine feathers. Pinecone pen blanks are truly one-of-a-kind blanks of unrivaled beauty. Made in the USA

Genuine pinecone
Easy to turn, sand, and polish to a glass-like finish
Resists discoloration and fogging over time

Blank size- 3/4" square x 5 1/4" long"

Although the blanks are cast and cured under very high pressure, there may still be an occasional void. Gaps can be back-filled with CA glue and polished to high gloss finish.

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  • Purple/White
    3 available 100%
  • Forest Green
    4 available 100%
  • Multi-color
    4 available 100%
  • Blue/Green
    3 available 100%
  • Red/White
    9 available 100%