‘Crab Nebula’ Makers Blank! Black shimmery to sparkling hues of blue-to-green Color shift!

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'Crab Nebula' Makers Blank is an attempt to capture the beautiful colors of the Crab Nebula as seen by the Hubble Visible Light Image Space Telescope! Although it's hard to replicate the vastness and rich colors of interstellar space, we feel this is a fair representation of at least a small section of this nebula. Sparkling black micas mixed with rich color-shifting pigments renders this blank with out of this world shape and color shifting properties. Each blank made is guaranteed to be truly one of a kind. Made in small batches with the custom fountain pen maker in mind, but also other makers looking for unique materials. 'Crab Nebula' is the newest member of our 'Lost Galaxy Series' of blanks. High pressure cured.

'Crab Nebula'

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