Stabilized Hempwood pen blanks! Made from pressed Hemp with burl like grain structure. Beautiful!

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Hempwood® is an engineered wood product, made from broken down fibers of Hemp and bound together using a combination of binders and soy protein, heat and pressure. Stabilized and cured in our small shop. Cut to enhance the structure pattern and produce a beautiful pen when properly turned on a lathe.

**This product is challenging to work with and requires advanced skills. Sharp tools are a must, including sharp drill bits. Traditional skews and gouges work best. It will take a CA finish nicely, followed by wet sanding and polished with a buffing system such as Magic Juice® or Turtle Wax® Car Polish. A final buffing with a clean linen wheel really makes the blank "pop"! If you're up for a satisfying challenge and something totally new to the pen turning market, this is it!

**No return or refund policy on any blanks that may blow out or chip out. These are user technique errors and not faulty blanks.

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** Price is per one blank **