3D-resin-printed 'Stars & Stripes pen blanks! 3D-printed inner structure, pressure cast in Alumilite

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These patriotic Stars and Stripes pen blanks by Hobble Creek Craftsman offer pen turners a truly unique option to traditional pen blanks. A 'Stars and Stripes' blank begins as a 3-D Stars and Stripes structure that’s then cut and cast in red and blue Alumilite resin. As you turn through the blank and Alumilite resin, the white Stars and Stripes will start to revealing the general design of the USA Flag. The finished product will be a stunning pen with a concentric Stars and Stripes pattern around the exterior of the blank.

*Made in USA.
*Concentric Stars and Stripes pattern
*Mix of Alumilite & 3-D printed resins
*Easy to turn and buff to a high-gloss finish

Blue and red blanks are aprox 3" X 3/4" round with small length variations.

**Copy and paste the following link to find out how to properly turn this style of pen blank. The YouTube video demonstrates how to properly turn a 3D printed Honeycomb blank, but many aspects are directly interchangeable with the Stars and Stripes blanks:



** Follow included instructions and suggestions for success.

* Advanced blank for advanced turners: Slow drill out and chip clearing, proper pen blank glue-up with a flexible epoxy will increase a successful outcome. Turn at high speeds (2900 to 3200 RPM) and light passing cuts are a must!

* For a premium shine, finish with high grit sandpaper, then CA and Magic Juice®

** Will not work with Slim-Line style pen kits

**Blanks will not be replaced due to improper glue-up or improper tool use**

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