Honeycomb Pen Blanks! 3-D Resin Printed and Resin Pressure Cast!

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These great-looking honeycomb pen blanks by Hobble Creek Craftsman offer pen turners a truly unique option to traditional pen blanks. A Honeycomb blank begins as a 3-D printed honeycomb structure that’s then cast in a colorful Alumilite resin. The finished product is a stunning pen blank with a consistent honeycomb pattern around the exterior of the blank.

*Made in USA.
*Concentric honeycomb pattern
*Mix of Alumilite & 3-D printed resins
*Easy to turn and buff to a high-gloss finish

Blank size - 3/4" dia. X 5-1/2" long

**Copy and paste the following link to find out how to properly turn these blanks:



* Use fresh, sharp negative rake carbide cutters and freshly sharpened drill bits and boring head cutters
* Back paint the drill hole to conceal brass tube (Optional)
* Advanced blank for advanced turners: Slow drill out and chip clearing, proper pen blank glue-up, turn at high speeds (2900 to 3200 RPM) and light passing cuts are a must!
* For a premium shine, finish with high grit sandpaper, then CA and Magic Juice®

**May not work with Slim-Line style pen kits
** Follow included instructions and suggestions for success. Blanks will not be replaced due to blow out

*Price is per blank

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  • Golden Honeycomb
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  • Nebula Green Honeycomb
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  • White Honeycomb
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  • Senshi Red Honeycomb
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  • Beetle Blue Honeycomb
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  • Ajisai Blue Honeycomb
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  • Aztec Purple Honeycomb
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