Limited Edition, NGC-604 'Triangulam Galaxy' Custom Makers Blank. High pressure cast Alumilite

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This is a Limited Edition, Custom Bespoke Makers Blank. High pressure cast using Alumilite resin, translucent dyes and proprietary color-shift micas, it will definitely hold some beautiful surprises! Made for high end custom fountain pen makers in mind, but also taking into consideration other custom makers who require one of a kind, high end materials for their craft. This is it!

Named after the 'NGC-604' Nebula in the Triangulum Galaxy, the coloring is reminiscent of the deep ruby red coloring as seen through the James Webb Space Telescope Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam).

*Part of our 'Lost Galaxy Series' blanks

*NGC-604 (Triangulum Galaxy)

**Price is per rod

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