'Orion Nebula' Pinecone Ring Blanks

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Orion Nebula pinecone ring blanks! Engelmann Spruce pinecones cast in premium Alumilite resin produce stunning patterns that resemble aerial fireworks.

Each ring blank has been high pressure cast and cured, in small batches, to ensure an air bubble free blank. Small voids may exist on occasion and are easily remedied using gap-filling CA glue as you work your way through the blank. With a CA finish, a highly polished and enduring finish can be obtained.

Pine Cone Ring Blanks are truly one-of-a-kind blanks of unrivaled beauty.

*** A helpful "Hints to a successful ring" sheet is provided with each order ***

Engelmann Spruce pine cones

Easy to turn, sand, and polish to a glass-like finish

Blank size- 1/2" thick x 1.5" square

**Orion Nebula**

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